Case Studies.

Selection of recent works with process.

Digital transformation of Pharmacy Legacy Application

Migration of legacy JAVA based applciation to modern web based application using inhouse created design system

Digital Health Health Care User Research Visual Design Design System
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Implementation of Design System for an Enterprise-level Application

Get to know the process and implementation of Design system created using Atomic Methdology

Design System Atomic Design Storybook
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Innovation Projects.

Something that I love to do along with my work

AR Based Retail Application

  • When we shop at retail stores, it’s common to look up prices and reviews online for products we’re interested in purchasing.

  • By consolidating these tasks into a single app and integrating augmented reality (AR) technology, we streamline the user experience, making it more efficient and convenient.


Keeping myself updated with certifications


IBM Design Thinking Advance

IBM Design Thinking

Accessibility for All


Few words form the people I have worked with


Tara Long

Principal Design Manager at United Healthcare (Optum)

Prajkt helped us design several new solutions for our pharmacy customers. He worked alongside our functional designers to create the right user experience to increase productivity and patient care. Prajkt has a good perspective on user intuition and is well versed with reusable components and libraries. Would definitely work with him again for future projects.


Snehal Ghume

Lead Prinicipal Product Designer at Encora

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Prajkt during our time together at Encora, and I am delighted to provide a strong recommendation. He consistently demonstrated exceptional skills in handling the latest technologies, showcasing a deep understanding of their applications through the successful execution of numerous proof-of-concepts (POCs). Prajkt brought innovation to the forefront of our projects, consistently finding effective solutions that elevated the overall performance of our team. Prajkt not only delivered outstanding results but also fostered a collaborative work environment, making him an invaluable asset to any organization. I highly recommend Prajkt for any role that demands a combination of technical expertise, innovative thinking, and a strong work ethic.


Nitesh Sonar

Sr. Experience Designer at Thoughtworks

I've had many opportunities to work with Prajkt, from internal assignments, PoCs, and to client deliveries. Prajkt brings a versatile blend of tech and UX expertise to the table, making him well-suited for diverse projects. His innovative mindset, quick adaptability, and understanding of tech feasibility make him an invaluable asset in delivering design solutions. Prajkt is a team player, offer constructive feedback, mentor junior designers, and support his peers in any way possible. Working with Prajkt is always enjoyable and filled with learning. He is a great asset to any company or organization. I wish him the very best!