Digital transformation of Pharmacy Legacy Application

Problem Statement

A pharmacy technician does approximately 700 prescription data entries on a given day. The challenge became apparent when the Web App needed to facilitate remote data entry so that the pharmacy technician could spend more time attending to the patients.


Close collaboration with the pharmacy technicians and quick iterations lead from sketches to a working prototype of the app within a few weeks. The UX team demonstrated the app to a few enthusiastic pharmacy technicians and the response was overwhelming.

Heuristic Evaluation

User Research : Ethnographic Study

User Persona

Information Architecture

The aim was to organize the content so that users easily adjust to the product’s functionality and find everything they need without much effort. The Information architecture goes hand in hand to create a user-friendly product with a clear navigation system.
i.e, In the existing website user, has to go through many pages to find out drug and medical store-related information. However, in the current information structure, we have categorized the information in chunks so that findability is more precise.

Visual Design

Usability Testing : Remote